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I believe, help my unbelief

I believe, help my unbelief

Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!

This past Sunday the message came from Mark 9:14-29, I love this encounter with Jesus, I especially love the father who brought his young son to Jesus to be healed. He first asked the Disciples to help because Jesus was on the mountain with Peter, James and John. The Disciples were unable to help the young man.

When Jesus comes down the mountain the Disciples are having a heated discussion with the Scribes, when Jesus questions the Scribes about what is taking place, immediately the father speaks up and tells Jesus about his son’s issues.

A parent with a sick child is not worried about the debate of religious leaders, he is worried about his son. He has one priority and that is to find help for his son. He asks Jesus to help his son, and Jesus ask him if he has faith. He responds that he has faith, but also asks for help with his doubt.

I have been a Christian for over 46 years, in those years I have exhibited faith and I have had doubts. I cannot say that God has answered every prayer that I prayed in the way I wished, I can say God has met my needs over the years.

Our church is small; we have a large building that at times is over whelming. The building is now over 60 years old and it needs constant maintenance. Some things are small and easily handled, others are large and expensive and not so easily handled.

A couple of years ago the roof on our education space began to leak, we asked for and received several bids to replace the roof. The least bid was over $16,000.00, which we did not have. We did have a portion of the money. I spoke to the roofer and asked him if he would do 1/3 of the roof and he agreed. That took care of most of the leaks at the time.

Now two years later the rest of the roof is in bad shape, we have been praying for two years and some of our members and friends have donated to the roof fund. We have about a ¼ of what we need to replace the rest of the roof.

A few weeks ago I told the Lord that the property belonged to Him, I could not handle this, I had no money available to repair the building and I could do no more. I use the first person pronoun because I feel responsible for maintaining the property, God has a gifted me with talents to repair things and I do a lot, but I have gotten older and I am not physically able to do the big jobs any longer.

I admit I was like the father of the young man, I had faith, but I had doubts also. There are times when we must become desperate before we learn to totally depend upon Him. God met the need in a miraculous manner.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning a delegation from Iglesia Torre Fuerte met me at my office door after our morning service. The pastor and two church members met me. They told me they wanted to continue to rent our Gymnasium for worship, they also said they wanted to help our congregation.

They said they would like to help us replace our roof by supplying the labor to remove the old roof and install the new roof, all our church needed to do was supply the materials. One of the contractors from the church measured the roof and sent me a list of supplies needed. I checked with Lowe’s and found we did have enough funds to buy the roofing materials most of the roof material, if I ordered them with the Lowe's credit card there would be a discount so I talked it over with our church and we decided to order the materials, we could pay for the majority of them as soon as the credit card bill was received. . Later in the week we received an unexpected donation that cover the rest of the materials we needed to repair the roof.

This past Thursday through Saturday the roof was torn off and the new roof installed. This was a God thing, we did not have the resources to repair the roof, but we desperately needed the roof. God Supplies that need. We have the money in the bank to pay for the materials as soon as the Lowe's bill is delivered. God is good, all the time.